Hello Fellow Photographers!

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 6.51.38 PM I will be offering a powerful creative photography course this fall. It
will involve photo field trips on three consecutive Saturdays, beginning
Saturday, October 26th. Please take look at these great opportunities
and let me know if you would like me to reserve a spot for you.

Session1: We will depart for the new Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale
at 8AM on Oct. 26th and plan to be back about 12:30PM. This new facility
has the largest butterfly atrium in the U.S. Bring your macro lens, for close-
ups of butterflies and flowers, and a zoom, eg. 28mm to 200mm to capture
the spectacular variety of species, when they are at a further distance.

Session 2: Lost Dutchman State Park, at the foot of the Superstitions,
provides beautiful image opportunities all year round. Mid to late afternoon
shooting provides the best light. Bring your wide angle lens for broad land-
scapes like the one shown here. A moderate zoom 24mm-105mm or normal lengt
lens (50mm), will also be handy for getting closer images of the details of
this beautiful area. We will depart at 1:30 PM and be back by 6PM.

Session 3: Gilbert offers a wonderful riparian habitat. In November, the
population of migrating birds swells to the highest level of the year.
We will depart early on Nov. 9th–around 7 am–to give us an opportunity to
photograph cranes, geese and various shore birds in the early morning. As
the sun rises higher, there are many places in the park from which we can
capture mallards, geese and other waterfowl as they enjoy this beautiful
space created just for them. Bring your long telephoto lens and tripod.

Throughout the field trips, I will provide coaching to help you create the most interesting and compelling images. The cost for this 3-part course
is $300. To maximize the learning for everyone, we will meet Wednesday evenings following each field trip to share images and discuss what
each of us has gained from the experience. Reserve by email or by telephone: 480-496-9272.

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