Images from Monument Valley Photo Workshop

Just returned from a 4-day journey to Monument Valley and Hunt’s Mesa. Here are some of the images created.

One of the most sacred and spectacular areas on the Navajo Land–Monument Valley–provided opportunity after opportunity to create wonderful images for everyone who participated in this photo workshop.

This was my third trip to this area which straddles the Arizona-Utah border. However, this was the first time I included an overnight stay on Hunt’s Mesa. As anticipated, this special feature of the workshop turned out to be a visual treat for everyone. It gave us the opportunity to create images of the entire valley (from 1,000 feet above the floor) during the sweet light–just before sundown and, again, as the sun was rising.

To me, this trip was inspiring! So much so, that it is on my short list for another workshop in the near future. If you are interested in joining me on future photography workshops–to Monument Valley or other “image-rich” locations in the Southwest– just sign up at the bottom of this blog page. I will send you information whenever I am planning a future workshop.


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