Monument Valley Photo Tour

Kesel leads Photo Tour of Monument Valley on Navajo Land, including overnight stay on Hunt’s Mesa.

Departing on September 8th and returning on September 11th, participants will have a wonderful photographic experience on the Navajo Land. We will arrive in time for the late afternoon light on some of the most remarkable monuments of this sacred land (like the image above of Mitten Butte).

Friday will be spent photographing other features of Monument Valley. We will use the low light of the early morning to highlight Totem Pole Monument and the rippled dunes that lead up to this formation. Other points of photographic interest to be covered will be Three Sisters and the Navajo Hogan that sits before it. The day will end with a spectacular sunset image-creating opportunity.

Saturday will start with the Mittens at dawn. Then we will proceed by 4-wheel vehicles to the top of Hunt’s Mesa (800 feet above the floor of Monument Valley–see image to left). Here, we will use the late afternoon light to create powerful images of the valley from this unique viewpoint.

We will camp overnight and take advantage of early morning light for a different, but equally compelling look. Morning light and the calm of the night should give us clear atmosphere and great color as we create images through and beyond sunrise.

Departure from Phoenix will be at 7 AM on Thursday, September 8th and we will return by mid evening on Sunday, September 11th.

For more information or to make a reservation for this great photographic experience, contact at or 480.496.9272.


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