Photoshop Hands-On Workshop — How to Optimize your digital image files for printing



_DSC5351raw 4.2in e
_DSC5351aF 4.2in e

(raw file from Nikon D800)

(Optimized file for printing and viewing)

What you see through your viewfinder and what gets captured by your digital
camera, never seem to match. Right?


Well, you now have an opportunity to change that. I am teaching a 4 part series on optimizing your photographic images
from your digital camera using Photoshop beginning July 13th and running for 4 consecutive Saturday Mornings–9AM to

We will cover:
1) Raw File Optimization
2) Use of all of the Photoshop Tools
3) Retouching techniques
4) Adjustments after conversion to psd, tif or jpeg files
5) Effective scaling techniques to allow you to make large prints from your files without concern for distortion.

Classes begin on Saturday July 13th and will be held for four consecutive weeks from 9AM to 11:30AM.

Tuition is $300 for 4 two and a half hour sessions.

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I will be repeating this class, so if you are vacationing, or out of town for other reasons during one of the weeks of the
course, you can participate in the class you missed in the next scheduled course!

I look forward to helping you make the most of your digital images!